Bend It Like Beckham stage musical coming to Toronto

Winter in Toronto doesn’t seem like the right time for soccer — or, ahem, football — but this December the musical adaptation of the film Bend It Like Beckham is coming to Toronto. It’s been over 17 years since Gurinder Chadha’s film premiered, launching the careers of Parminder Nagra and Keira Knightley and earning $70 […]

Can Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s baby bring joy to the world? No pressure, young royal

Welcome to the world, unnamed royal baby! The joyous news broke early on Monday. At “0526hrs,” according to the uptight chronologists across the pond, the Duke (Prince Harry) and Duchess (Meghan Markle) of Sussex put the finishing New Age touches on their first procreation project and home-birthed a “very healthy” boy. The official announcement relied […]

A pop singer from Nunavut requires persistence, Kelly Fraser tells us

It doesn’t take much time spent in a confined space with Kelly Fraser to deduce that one is in the presence of an uncommonly strong personality. That Fraser possesses an uncommonly strong personality is pretty much a given, of course, if one is acquainted with the logistical, socio-cultural and economic odds collectively stacked against an […]

Lenny Kravitz, Blink-182 and many more announce Toronto shows

This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. To order presentation-ready copies of Toronto Star content for distribution to colleagues, clients or customers, or inquire about permissions/licensing, please go to: play_arrow Veteran rock acts of every stripe, from Lenny Kravitz to Blink-182 to Nick Cave to Death From Above to Incubus, all announced […]

Milton’s Steve Michaels on building a fit tribute to Elvis in Return to Grace

It’s “the concert of a lifetime”: that’s the subtitle of Return to Grace, the musical spectacular visiting the Princess of Wales Theatre this week. This play on words refers both to the show’s structure — which recreates iconic performances from several decades of Elvis Presley’s career — and the experience that lead performer Steve Michaels […]

20 meist erwarteten Spiele von 2019 für unter 10 €

Folgen Sie mit Ihren Neujahrsvorsätzen Wir sind jetzt tief genug in der aktuellen Generation von Spielekonsolen, dass gewaltige Unterhaltungserlebnisse, die das Spiel verändern, zur Norm geworden sind und jeder Monat ohne Konsum eine große Enttäuschung darstellt. Allein in diesem Jahr haben wir einen neuen Red Dead, einen neuen Smash Bros., einen neuen God of War […]

20 Najcešce igara 2019 za manje od 10 €

Pratite putem novogodišnjih rješenja Sada smo dovoljno duboko u sadašnjoj generaciji igraćih konzola da su masovna, zabavna iskustva koja mijenjaju igru ​​postala norma, a svaki mjesec bez jednog je veliko razočaranje. Samo ove godine dobili smo novog Red Dead-a, novog Smash Brosa, novog Boga rata, i novog Spider-Mana – koji su svi nedvojbeno najbolji od […]

5 Trending Games You Have To Play

Hello Cats Solving physics-based puzzles and collect cats! Hello Cats, is a perfect integration of puzzle and collective game, it has these features: Freely and unrestrained drawing. Delicate physics system and fun devices. Open style puzzles, try to make your own best solution. More funny levels and amazing cats in future updates. Synopsis: Sometimes cats […]

Fun New Attractions and Hotels in Las Vegas

As if there weren’t enough shiny diversions in Sin City, there are even more newly opened or soon-to-open shows, entertainment venues, resorts and restaurants to amuse, house and feed the approximately 42 million fun-seekers who visit Las Vegas each year. Here’s what’s on the table or in the cards. Unique experiences Eiffel Tower Light Show. The […]

Grandparent, Grandchild Ski-Gen Family Vacations on the Rise

With so many grandparents living hundreds of miles from their grandchildren, some are turning to a fun way to bridge the distance: vacationing together. About 40 percent of grandparents say they travel with their grandchildren, according to a new “Grandparents Today” survey from AARP Research. They report spending an average $1,746 a year on these […]